Structural Firefighting Boots

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Our FDXL200 Structural Firefighting Boot outperforms standards with a combination of technologies and materials that make it the best choice for slip resistance, flame resistance, liquid and bacterial protection, comfort and durability. You’ll never want to wear a different pair of boots again.

Certified to NFPA 1971 & 1992

This boot will have you feeling light on your toes but strong on your feet with the flexibility that's reminiscent of your running shoes!

Our FDXL200 Structural Firefighting Boot is designed with barrier protection to fight against hazardous liquid splashes and ribbing that eliminates ride-up and maintains a seal with any leg dam, including those containing particulate barriers.

Unlike traditional sewn-on straps, the FDXL200 is built with heavy-duty integrated handles that never break or pull off when donning your gear. The integrated handle design reduces bulk and never interferes when you’re climbing, crawling, or lifting on the job. 

Our boot sizes are consistent with the Brannock Sizing method.